Centercourt Ninja News….Here’s whats happening at Centercourt Chatham

Fresh off the Press!!!

Chatham Director of Ninja, Brayden Provan gives you the lowdown on upcoming events.


“As some of you know, we have a whole new lane added to our course! With the circuit board and revamped versions of the devil steps and cliff hanger, our course can be used by Ninjas of all levels! There are even more new obstacles to come in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!”


We love Ninja here at Centercourt, and nothing would be more fun than coming out and celebrating your Ninjas special day on our Ninja course! With games and competitions, party favors, and pizza, we will make sure your Ninjas birthday is one they will remember!

For more information, please contact Ari Zuckerman at


Ninja every night! Open gym is every weeknight 7-8pm. With a coach always in the gym to help out, Open Gym is a great way for your Ninja to practice any skills they need to work on. For those who have never tried Ninja, it’s a great way to test out the course and learn what Ninja is all about!



This week we will be starting our testing! All our Ninjas will be given a report card to take through different stations. Their coaches will sign the cards and indicate the level that the Ninja has reached. They will then be able to bring the card home to share their progress with their parents!


Now in session. Still time to register!!





Centercourt Ninja News! Here’s whats happening at Centercourt Club+Sports, Lawrence


Ninja is one of the best ways for kids and adults of all ages to get stronger and more agile and have fun doing it! We have an open enrollment that is now membership based. If you’re not signed up and want more information you can contact me at



This week is our first week of Ninja classes for the Fall. During this week we have been assessing the skills of all of our Ninjas. We like to take this first week to gain a baseline on all of our new and veteran Ninjas here at Centercourt. After this week we will be able to create a training program for what our Ninjas need to take them to the next level.


This upcoming week we are going to be working on grip strength! Grip strength is one of the major key elements a ninja needs to progress their skills. We will be teaching the Ninjas correct methods on how to hang and how to conserve as much energy as possible on obstacles so that they can complete more obstacles during their training.


Exciting news here at the Ninja Course!  Our new and improved kids section is complete! When you walk in the gym you will see that we have expanded the kids section to be almost 3X what it was before.  We have added many new challenges for kids of all ages.  These challenges will help all of our past and future Ninjas really step up their training.


On our new section we have added some of the more challenging adult obstacles in a smaller version so the kids can conquer them just like their idols on TV!  These obstacles consist of a kids Salmon Ladder, kids Devil Steps, Kids Circuit Board, Tire Swing Alley, Wind Chimes, Peg Board, kids Ring Hopper, Battering Ram, Twist and Fly, Rope Jungle, Spider Flip, and more to come. If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up for one of our classes!




Centercourt Ninja News! Here’s whats happening at Centercourt Club+Sports, Mt. Olive

This week we will be focusing all all around aspects of ninja including balance, grip, upper body, and swinging. We want to ease the ninja’s into classes while still making the classes fun and exciting!


This week (9/17-9/23) is also buddy week! All Ninjas currently enrolled in classes can bring a friend for free to their regularly scheduled class. Please make sure buddies come in comfortable athletic clothing.

Click the link included to register: REGISTER HERE


If you are registered for the Silver Membership or better you qualify for unlimited open gym sessions every week!

Open gym is Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 7-9pm and Tuesday 7-8pm and Saturday 5-9pm.

If you are on the class membership and would like to upgrade to a membership that includes open gym please let us know and we can help you. Drop-ins for open gym are also welcome.

NINJA DAY CAMP: Wednesday September 19, 2018

9/19 Ninja Day Camp: This Wednesday we are hosting a ninja day camp!
Drop the kids off form 9am-Noon for 3 hours of fun! Ninjas should wear comfortable clothing/sneakers and bring water.
Click on the link to register : REGISTER HERE

Centercourt Ninja News. Here’s whats happening at Centercourt Chatham….

Fresh off the press!!

Centercourt Chatham Director of Ninja, Brayden Provan gives you the lowdown on upcoming events.

We’ve had an awesome Summer 2018!! Thanks to our amazing campers who made it happen. We’d like to carry that positive energy right into Fall 2018. To make it even better we have exciting new additions to our course!

Going into our second Fall Season, we wanted to make it special for all Ninja’s old and new. We hope you’ll enjoy the new additions!

– Anthony Defranco, Regional Director Centercourt Ninja

We are adding a ton of new and exciting things to our course this session! In our new 15ft truss section, we will be adding obstacles like the fly wheels and circuit board! As well as new versions of old favorites like the salmon ladder and devil steps. We are also adding a 30ft lache section! So come on out and tryout the all new Ninja course!

The Fall Session starts September 10, 2018. Slots are filling up quickly. To secure your spot follow the link below to register:


Our Centercourt Ninja Birthday Parties are a blast! For more information click on the link below:


We also have a Holiday Camp for Rosh Hashanah. For more information and to register, click on the link below:

Rosh Hashanah HOLIDAY CAMP

When the dream became a reality: The day Centercourt Ninja Regional Director, Anthony DeFranco competed on the American Ninja Warrior Show.


It was a random Wednesday in Philadelphia. Wednesday May 27th, 2015 to be exact.

It was the day that I have been working toward for months: early morning cardio, late night pull-ups. The hard work never stopped to fulfill my dream of competing on American Ninja Warrior. I woke up feeling excited, nervous, scared, confused, and prepared.  My buddy and I, Greg Smith (Director of Ninja, Centercourt Lawrence), geared up to head to the course located at an abandoned power plant.

As Greg and I approached the course, the dream became a reality. We were here!  This is really happening! For the first time, I saw all of the athletes that I looked up to over the years on Ninja Warrior. We were all there for the same reason: to complete the course that lied in front of us.

TV and Competition: the producers must go over rules with all the ninjas before anybody runs. The rules are read to everyone in great detail with the raise of a hand signaling that the rules are understood. I raised my hand, the rules are done: it’s go-time!  

The last bit of light in the day passed and all the course lights were shining bright. The energy in the air was electric with the crowd cheering!  

I was number 52 in the run order and anxiety grew with every athlete walking onto the course. I knew that my time was closer with every competitor that hit the water or the buzzer. I began warming up which came to an abrupt halt at runner 48 with the 1am “lunch.” Finally, lunch was over and it was my time. The next five competitors are called out to the warmup area and my nerves spike.

My warmup was going well and I was mentally preparing for the course. I went through every single movement in my head over and over again. I probably mentally ran the course 50 times before I even stepped foot on the platform.

My name was called. I urgently stripped down to my competition gear and jogged over to the starting platform.

I am greeted by the producer who wishes me luck with a smile and a fist bump. I am called to start walking up the stairs and I am now on the starting platform. Standing there with this monstrous course in front of me, I took one last deep breath.

The countdown began. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and….

Crossing each step, I remember thinking that this was scary with there actually being water underneath. The rest of my run was a blur. I had so much adrenaline flowing that my body took over. I vaguely remember thinking of exactly what I had visualized during the warmups and I began to precisely check off the mental cues after completing each obstacle.

Before I knew it, the dismount from the fifth obstacle was all that lied in front of my ascent up the warped wall. I jumped off in excitement and ran to feel the glory of living out a childhood dream: hitting a buzzer on American Ninja Warrior!

Anthony DeFranco,
Regional Centercourt Ninja Director
Passionate Ninja Athlete

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