Centercourt Girls Lacrosse Director Crysti Foote, former Canadian National Team player and professional player for the Baltimore Ride, introduces Mini Stix and Canadian Box Lacrosse offerings at Centercourt.

IMG_7228Centercourt Times Interviews CRYSTI FOOTE, a 4X Canadian National Team Player, 2X Silver Medalist, Bronze Medalist, Professional player for the Baltimore Ride, National Attack Player of the Year, Notre Dame 2006 about Centercourt Girls Lacrosse.

Centercourt Lacrosse and Crysti Foote is excited to announce two brand NEW and UNIQUE unique lacrosse programs in Box Lacrosse Facility in Mt. Olive starting January, 2018 : MINI STICK  Instructional field box program and Real Canadian BOX FIELD LACROSSE for Girls. 

Why Box Lacrosse?
Crysti: Growing up in Canada and being part of a lacrosse family I really had no other option but to start my lacrosse career playing box lacrosse. At the time, I was the only girl on the team, and had no idea how to catch and throw. By learning field lacrosse in a box setting players learn to play at a fast pace, indirectly increase agility, increase lacrosse IQ, teamwork, fitness, and overall discipline.

What is the Box?
Crysti: The box is the size of a hockey rink without ice!

What is the benefit to playing lacrosse in the Box?
Crysti: The decreased space increase, stick skills, decision making, allows more touches, and increases fitness as players will transition from attack to defense quickly.

Tell us about The MINI STICK Instructional Field Box Program at Centercourt Mt. Olive Box Facility.
Crysti: My program with mini sticks is a new and Innovative approach to elevating the player’s lacrosse game to the next level.

What are Mini-Sticks?
Crysti: Mini-sticks are smaller and lighter than a traditional girl’s stick and provide a boy’s style pocket which is deeper than girls pockets.

Can you give us a little more insight into this Mini-Stick program and the benefits of participating?
Crysti: I have developed a systematic approach to developing top notch stick work and shooting. Incorporating mini sticks into training, players will be forced to train outside of their comfort zone, and increase all aspects of their game. Additionally, the Benefits of using Mini Sticks are to improve wrist control, increase hand-eye coordination, work on one handed skills and to increase lacrosse IQ both offensively and defensively.

In addition to your Mini Sticks Program you have a second program: REAL CANADIAN BOX LACROSSE FOR GIRLS. Can you tell us more about this New Program?
Crysti: As with the mini stick program, the benefits of Box Lacrosse is to Increase Stick Skills. As a coach one of the biggest complaints parents have in girls lacrosse is that their daughter hardly touches the ball. By decreasing the space, players are guaranteed more touches in both practice and games. By forcing players to play in a tighter space, they will learn how to use their body correctly to help protect their sticks.

What can I expect my player to learn in your REAL CANADIAN BOX LACROSSE FOR GIRLS program?
Crysti: In short my program players increase their lacrosse IQ, decision making, and communication skills. Learning the x’s and o’s of lacrosse is an important aspect that is often overlooked. Players are taught off ball concepts including picks, screens, and flips. Additionally, players learn timing of cuts, and how to become deceptive. Players learn that chemistry with teammates will help excel their game. Also, my program players learn how to properly feed and make smart decisions with and without the ball. Adhering to my philosophy that players need to learn to play all positions, my program participants improve and develop both offensive and defensive skills.

How important is speed in the girls lacrosse game?
Crysti: “Lacrosse is the fastest sport on two feet”. As the game continues to grow and evolve, the speed continues to increase. Playing fast is a skill. During my Canadian Box Program players learn to play fast while also making the smart play decisions! Additionally, by playing 5v5 in a small field the players improve their overall fitness. The program challenges players to get up and down the field fast! This is hands down the best way to get in Lacrosse shape!

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